Steal The Moon By Lexi Blake

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OH MY THIS BOOK. I feel like after Vegas I couldn't get any happier with these three and I WAS SO WRONG. This book was the best. I loved being in the Wolf world. It was a blast. From the very first scene to the end of the book, this novel as non stop. Alliances being forged and new developments with our favorite game leave this novel very fast paced and full of information. There is a demon with a revenge plot and a wolf pack that needs help with making new pups. That should be enough for you. But alas, I'm not done talking. There was a lot of emotional growth in this book. A lot of the group growing with new friends and leave old ones. I felt like I couldn't tear my eyes away for a moment because I may miss something. I realize its a book, but once you start reading its like watching an episode of your favorite show. Don't miss this novel. If you even remotely like the first two, KEEP READING. It is SO worth it.


When an ancient artifact enslaves every werewolf on earth, humanity’s only hope is a thief… Zoey Donovan should be happy. Her love life couldn’t be better, her demonic nemesis is on the run, business is booming, and no one has tried to kill her in seven whole months. But without her best friend to share it with, it all seems a little hollow. Neil, her fabulous furry wingman, is missing and two grumpy werewolf bodyguards have taken his place. Undaunted by her humorless babysitters, she intends to track Neil down even if it means risking her newfound romantic bliss. But someone else has plans for Zoey, and they don’t intend to play nice. Lucas Halfer is desperate for revenge, and he knows just how to get it. An ancient Roman legend tells of an artifact that will grant its possessor the power to control all wolves. No one, including Daniel and Dev, believes the Strong Arm of Remus is real but Zoey thinks Halfer might have already located it. With every werewolf pack in North America gathering in Colorado, the demon could enslave an unstoppable army. To save the day, and possibly the world, Zoey will have to find a way to steal the Strong Arm of Remus from one of the most powerful demons in existence. Then again, impossible is kind of her specialty.