Stealing Her my Rachel Van Dyken

I swear I yelled out loud at this book literally as much as I was reading it in my head. I mean DUDE, you were DIGGING THAT HOLE. I just wanted to slap him on the back of the head and knock some sense into him.

I digress. You ave ZERO idea hat I am talking about. But this book was amazing. It felt like a new breed for me from regular RVD books. It as ULTRA sexy even during parts that were simple and sweet. It was palpable as you were reading. I loved it. I loved that I was so completely entrapped in the book that I was yelling out loud. Then we had the duplicity of the story and that had me on edge y'all. I just kept yelling at the book. TELL THE TRUTH DUDE! Poor life choices guys. But really, I yelled. At my phone. Sitting in pickup line at school. I don't even keno where to go with this. This is a novel about falling in love with everything you can't have and then having to fight for what you deserve. Its a story filled with swoon and angst and ALL THE SECRETS. By the time they all came out in the end I was still figuring things out and it loved that. I loved falling in love with the characters and getting immersed into this world. Can I already bed for the next book?

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FROM THE #1 'NEW YORK TIMES' BESTSELLING AUTHOR COMES AN UNEXPECTED LOVE STORY OF FAMILY, SECRETS, AND THE MOST INTIMATE OF DECEPTIONS. My estranged twin brother, Julian, was always the wonder boy - and soon-to-be CEO of our ruthless father's corporation. My mother and me? Left behind. Now, years after tearing our family apart, my father dares to ask "me" for a favor? Pretend to be Julian while he fights to survive a tragic accident. It can save the company. Nobody will be the wiser. It'll be our secret. I can play Dad's favorite. I'll do anything for Julian. And for my mother, who'll want for nothing. But this double life comes with a beauty of a hitch: my very real feelings for Julian's fiancée, Isobel. Not only am I betraying Julian, I'm deceiving a woman I love. She doesn't suspect a thing. As lies compound, lines are crossed and loyalties tested, all I can ask myself is. . .what have I done? Because sooner or later something's got to give. There's no way I'm giving up Isobel. But once the truth is exposed, it might not be my choice at all. ©2019 Rachel Van Dyken (P)2019 Brilliance Publishing Inc., all rights reserved.