Still Of Night by Emily Goodwin

What did I just read!!! Let me tell you, I read my absolutely favorite in this series so far. Goodness that had some twists I didn't see coming but goodness, I am in love.

This series never ceases to let me down. It is everything I want it to be and more. Lucas and Callie will always have a battle to face and I will continue to be in complete awe of them. This novel was full of everything. The passion and the chaos. I feel like with these two the things go hand in hand. ON the flip side though, this book brought a lot for both of our characters to deal with. They have their own battles too ace not only together but apart. However, I am now dying for the next novel. DYING! DO you hear me Emily? I am not above Bribing.

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They say the truth will set you free, but now that I know the truth about who I am, I feel more trapped than ever. As if keeping my forbidden relationship with a vampire secret wasn’t enough, I have to hide my true identity from the world. If word gets out on who—on what—I am, angels and demons alike will rage a war for me. No pressure or anything, right? Not all hope is lost through, as I have powerful allies—a whopping two, to be exact—who think maybe we have a chance at proving my life is worth saving, that I’ve made it this far without being tempted to the dark side. That I’m good. But then again…even the Devil was once an angel.