ARC Review: Surrender by Lisa Renee Jones


|5 Stars||Amazon||Goodreads|

This book was stunning. It was exhilarating and sensual in the same breath. Lisa took the finale of this series and threw everything she had into it. If you even remotely liked the first two novels, this one is going to blow you away. Heart wrenching and pure adrenaline from start to finish. A perfect balance.

Ella and Kayden ended leaving us with our breath caught in our throats. That ending had me desperate for more from these two.

I went in wanting ALL the answers, while on the same breath not wanting the secrets to ruin the love that these two had been building.

I wanted the love and the pure attraction that they had for each other. The scenes that gave me butterflies and had me swooning.

But, in the end I still wanted ALL THE SECRETS.

I mean really, how could we NOT want them? There was so much that was up in the air at the end of the last book that we needed them. I wanted to know who was betraying them, what Ella really did, and WHERE THE NECKLACE WAS!

I also wanted particular individuals to get what was coming to them.

This book didn't disappoint. Not only did we ride the emotional rollercoaster with Ella as more became clear to her, but we experienced it like it was you the reader, who had been through it. Your heart hurts and you grip your book like your life depends on it. I wanted justice for her as much as I felt like it was for me.

Brilliance. Lisa Renee Jones pulls you into this book in a way that you completely lose your reality. Get lost. Help Ella get answers. Fall in love with Kayden.


Chris and Sara from Inside Out return in the explosive finale to Ella's story from New York Times bestselling author Lisa Renee Jones with the third book in the sexy, suspenseful Careless Whispers series. Passion burns fiercely hot between Ella Ferguson and Kayden Wilkens, the man who held secrets and lies in his hands, and then allowed them to fall into hers. But even though he has become her anchor—helping her recover from amnesia after finding her unconscious in an alley, and allowing her into his secret world—all is not what it seems. Kayden still has secrets, and pieces of Ella's past are still shrouded in the darkness of her mind, while the powerful man who hunts her will not stop until she is his. In this final, explosive novel in the Careless Whispers series, Ella discovers that while her life with Kayden didn't begin in that dark could easily end there.