Surrender To You by C.S Janey

Surrendertoyou 4 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

Stephen, Simon and Elizabeth. This story threw my emotions to the wolves. I was so frustrated and irritated at some points and at others just felt the hurt emanating from the pages. C.S. Janey weaves a story that wraps itself up and delivers it to you in an emotional package. I was given the book in exchange for an honest review and I am happy to deliver that. I start fit at around 10 at night and stayed up till the wee hours finishing it because it was that engaging. I couldn't stand to not finish it. Elizabeth goes through quote the journey. This novel isn't insta-love, which I am not a fan of. That I was thankful for. Elizabeth hasn't had the easiest life. At all. She has her heartbroken even after years of change. Her old life it rearing its head and honestly I thought it was for the good. Stefan and Elizabeth have alive that is palpable. But it's also a love that is in the past. Until it isn't. The author weaves a story around these to that is unique and interesting. There are tinges of a love triangle and angst up to the eyeballs. They loved each other, yet they hated each other. It was a back and forth that I couldn't tear myself from. Then there is Simon. I can honestly say I wasn't his biggest fan. Not because he wasn't a great guy, because he was. He was wonderful and perfect. Just because I was holding out for Stefen. I just loved him. Then the story ripped me apart and I was left mouth wide open. I liked the ending. It was a HEA. It caught me by surprise, but it was overall a great novel. Can't wait to read the next in the series.


Stefan never thought she'd come home... After five long years, she's within his reach and he's determined to find out what she kept hidden from him, while hoping that his own secret won't tear them apart again. Simon never expected to fall in love with her... Asking her out had been impulsive, but suddenly the Doctor is falling for this woman who makes him ache like nobody else ever has and he's determined to make her his. Elizabeth never knew she'd feel so strongly for two men... Torn between the love of an ex she pushed away in the past and the love of a new man that makes her feel alive again, she must make a decision that will ultimately result in a broken heart for one of them. When tragedy strikes, will she be confident in her final decision? (This book contains mature language and adult situations, *may be a trigger*, suitable for 17+) **Note: This is 1st in series but can be read as standalone; later novels are about secondary characters.**