Sweet Venom by Kirsty-Anne Still

5 Stars



I need to talk about this book while I am still reeling from it. Kirsty BROUGHT IT. If you aren't already a fan of this woman, become one now.

This story is like nothing you have ever read. I swear I start with one ending in mind AND I WAS TOTALLY WRONG. Kirsty gives you these options and you pick your sides and then you are completely wrong. Everything you thought you knew was wrong.




There are three sides to this story and we get to read all three in this book. I LOVED getting inside each characters head. I felt like it gave you all the insider information.

I knew my team. I knew where I wanted the story to go, and then I turned the page and was cursing out loud infant of a ton of people because this author went and did something I did not want to happen and my heart broke.

Then I wanted vengeance. This feeling suited the story well. These people love their vengeance. I was along for the ride and it was great.

Until I was mind flipped again.

This book was such a wild ride, with the perfect plot twists at the most precise times. The author gives you characters that you truly hate as much as you love. She invites the most controversial feelings about them and truly has you hooked from the very first page.

You want the answers and you want to know what the end game is.

This is a complete novel and not a cliffhanger. Don't be scared. Or, do be. It is a wild ride that you will read as fast as you can. Sweet Venom. Buy it now, then order your signed copy. You're going to want one.


There are two sides to every story. Until there are three. And ours isn't for the faint of hearts. *** SWEET VENOM is a crazy in love novel set in three point of views - crazy, crazier and craziest. This is a love triangle that is not made for those looking for an easy love story or an obvious end. If I were you, I'd be careful who you fall for. This is STANDALONE.