Taint by S.L Jennings

Taint 4 Stars|Goodreads|Amazon

Meg's Review:

I HIGHLY recommend reading this novel. It was Fantastic. A new idea that really had you interested in its concept and plot line. S.L. Jennings took you for a ride with this novel.

"I am Justice Drake.
And I turn housewives into whores.
Now…who’s first? "

So if that line in the synopsis doesn't get you keep reading, I have a few more for you. This novel is not what you think its going to be. Well, it in a way is, but it's not nearly as dirty or out of the realm or reality as you think. Granted SOME of the aspects are fictional feeling, but the premiss? I totally left this book with a 'Huh, well then' type of feeling.

“I want sexy ladies. I want suburban slut. Housewife meets whore. Sell it. Make me believe it. Own it.”

These women are here to save their marriages. Despite what they think of this place and this man, they are going to stick with it for that reason. Well most of them. Others, they are there for themselves in a way. I did find the ending a Tid predictable, but it had some nice small twists that made that fact okay with me. I didn't see those coming, so it kept my attention till the end. Taint is a great original read that I rate on the high side of 4. I look forward to reading more from this author.


Right now, you’re probably asking yourself two things:
Who am I?
And, what the hell are you doing here?

Let’s start with the most obvious question, shall we?

You’re here, ladies, because you can’t f*ck.

Oh, stop it. Don’t cringe. No one under the age of 80 clutches their pearls.
You might as well get used to it, because for the next six weeks, you’re going to hear that word a lot. And you’re going to say it a lot.
Go ahead, try it out on your tongue.
F*ck. F***ck.

Ok, good. Now where were we?

If you enrolled yourself in this program then you are wholly aware that you’re a lousy lay. Good for you. Admitting it is half the battle.

For those of you that have been sent here by your husband or significant other, dry your tears and get over it. You’ve been given a gift, ladies. The gift of mind-blowing, wall-climbing, multiple-orgasm-inducing sex. You have the opportunity to f*ck like a porn star. And I guarantee, you will when I’m done with you.

And who am I?

Well, for the next six weeks, I will be your lover, your teacher, your best friend, and your worst enemy. Your every-f*cking-thing. I’m the one who is going to save your relationship and your sex life.

I am Justice Drake.
And I turn housewives into whores.

Now…who’s first?