Taunt by Juli Valenti


review This is a review of a single novella as part of an Anthology. The Anthology is not yet published. Juli dazzles in this quick tale about facing ones deepest fears. It is a twist on The Wizard of Oz that gives you everything you hopes for and more. I have read quite a few retellings, but none written like this. TAUNT copy The characters in this novel are fantastic. I LOVED Laurent and the way that he was presented to us as a character. He was not only Emmy's best friend as a stuffed toy, but now in Oz he is her companion. I think having that extra added pet aspect that was also her best friend made it that much greater of a book. The twists in this were GREAT. I loved how Emmy's past was entwined into it just enough to give you some background, but not enough to take away from the current plot. The twist at the end REALLY got me and I felt like that was the best part. I love an ending I don't see coming. Juli Valenti shines in this paranormal twist. I hope that we see more from her in this genre. Read the other Twisted Tales from Rene Folsom Here synopsis There’s no place like home. When a tornado plagues the state of Arkansas, picking up Emmy’s house and dropping it into a world she’s never seen before, she thinks things couldn’t get any worse. Except, she was wrong. Especially when it killed the good witch and she’s named a murderer. In order to get home, and to escape the wrath of the enraged town-folk, Emmy must maneuver the Wicked Woods, along with her pet wolf, Laurent, to prove she, herself, is not a Wicked Witch. In the woods lurk nightmares of her own creation, and, when doubt begins to set in, she realizes things are not always as they seem. Follow the story of Emmy and Laurent in this modern day twist on The Wizard of Oz. follow