Tempting Hades by Emma Hamm

Yall. I am a sucker for retellings and Emma is a QUEEN in this genre. I devoured this book. Persephone and Hades retelling? Yes, please.

This is a fantastic twists that I haven't seen done before on this story. I love the forbidden love and the fact that they are quite literally fighting against the gods. You are hooked on these two from the moment they breathe the same air.

Phenomenal world building and an even better cast, Emma delivers a stunning story filled with magical promises and love that conquers even death.

Persephone is a badd-ass and watching her really find herself int his book was like nothing ai have read in a long time. Best retelling of this story ever. Not even a retelling. A reimagining. And it was perfect.

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He offered her more than a throne.
More than the Underworld.
He offered her a love that would withstand the test of time.

Maiden, Daughter, Goddess of Spring. She has many names and none of them fit. Kore lives her life in a gilded cage, loved by all but understood by none.

When Hades appears out of the darkness with promises of midnight and glory on his tongue, he offers her a kingdom. Lays eternity at her feet. Bids her eat and drink from the land of the dead. The ichor tastes bitter, but she's never felt such a thrilling sting.

Then he calls her a new name. Persephone.

Bringer of Death.

But the gods want them separated, and few can trick the Olympians. Of course she eats the pomegranate. He offers it to her with a promise to lay the world at her feet. But she only wants him...

For fans of Circe, Shadow & Bone, and Serpent & Dove, you'll fall head over heels with this twist on the classic myth.