The Alchemists of Loom by Elise Kova

I have become a huge fan of this author and this series is no different. Such epic world building and adventure tied in with characters that you absolutely become obsessed with. Ari and Cvareh, along with all of the other characters,are THE BEST!
Ari is on a mission and she will use anything she has at her disposal to complete it. Little does she know that Cvareh is on his own mission and using her just as much. This book as non stop. I loved the chase and the chaos, and more importantly I feel in love with the journey. This was a book filled with secrets and risks. A story filled with adventure and hurt and growth and broken pasts. This is one of those books that just had it all. I loved the way it alternated chapter point of views, and gave you a large picture of the world while you were reading. I hated getting to know the bad guys, but boy did it give you a whole other dimension to the reading. AND THAT ENDING. I can't wait to jump into the next novel and get lost in these characters. I know the hurt is coming, but I also hope the victory isn't far behind. Buy on Amazon: Add to Goodreads


Her vengeance. His vision. Ari lost everything she once loved when the Five Guilds’ resistance fell to the Dragon King. Now, she uses her unparalleled gift for clockwork machinery in tandem with notoriously unscrupulous morals to contribute to a thriving underground organ market. There isn’t a place on Loom that is secure from the engineer turned thief, and her magical talents are sold to the highest bidder as long as the job defies their Dragon oppressors. Cvareh would do anything to see his sister usurp the Dragon King and sit on the throne. His family’s house has endured the shame of being the lowest rung in the Dragons’ society for far too long. The Alchemist Guild, down on Loom, may just hold the key to putting his kin in power, if Cvareh can get to them before the Dragon King’s assassins. When Ari stumbles upon a wounded Cvareh, she sees an opportunity to slaughter an enemy and make a profit off his corpse. But the Dragon sees an opportunity to navigate Loom with the best person to get him where he wants to go. He offers her the one thing Ari can’t refuse: A wish of her greatest desire, if she brings him to the Alchemists of Loom.