The Best Man Plan by Jack Burton

Eek! I was so excited to see this in my mailbox. I love Jaci's writing and this new series is going to be fabulous. This book brought all the swoon with just enough laughs and I loved every word of it.

This was a slow build just fun read for me and came in at a solid 4 star read. The main character is a jilted bride and as you can see, based off the title it is a best man hookup. I loved that I knew I was going to get an HEA at the end of it, and even though the build up was slower then I usually like, It was perfect for these characters. You end up really loving the cast and the plot is a nice chance of pace on this trope. I NEED Erin's sisters to get books and I already have some other grouping ideas after finishing this story. This series is going to be a must read for me.

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New York Times bestselling author Jaci Burton kicks off a dreamy new series with a sweep-you-off-your-feet friends-to-lovers romance. Three days before Erin Bellini's wedding, her fiancé breaks up with her--in an email! Hurt and embarrassed, she decides to have a fling with veterinarian Jason Callum, who's both the best man and the hottest guy she knows. But Jason wants a lot more than just a one-night stand with the woman he's cared about for years. So he's taking things slow. And hot. And showing Erin what real love can look like. Suddenly Erin finds herself spending a lot more time with Jason than she intended. Feelings she never planned on having again are wrapping around her heart, refusing to let go. Erin isn't sure she can trust her instincts, though. After all, she made a terrible choice with her ex-fiancé. But Jason intends to convince her that he's the best man for her, and that what they have together is a real love that will last forever.