The Billionaire's Obsession: Simon by JS Scott

A fun sexy read if you are in the mood for a yummy billionaire read!
If you are a fifty shades fan, or love a good billionaire read, here you go. This series is one you will LOVE. It is standalones and all HEA. I loved the characters in this. They had their issues and were certainly flawed, but they were perfect for each other. I really enjoyed how strong our heroine was. She was not only strong, but she had a voice that demanded to be heard while you read. Simon was, well he was Simon. He had his preferences and when his mystery woman walked into his life she threw his life into a storm. I really enjoyed this. It was a quick sexy read and I enjoyed both of the main characters and the plot.
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Will the reclusive, stubborn, alpha billionaire be my rescuer, or the biggest mistake of my life? You could say I'm a nursing student who is definitely down on her luck. My entire life has been a struggle for me. But I'm almost through the hard times, nearly done with nursing school so I can build a better life than the one I was given. I'm so ready to move from full-time waitressing to a professional nursing career. Until....disaster strikes just as I enter the home stretch. Through no fault of my own, I'm about to be homeless, and I'll end up kissing all my dreams goodbye unless some kind of wonderful,surprise event occurs, and great things just don't happen to a girl like me. Or so I thought...until a miracle shows up in the form of the mysterious, stubborn, handsome, alpha billionaire, Simon Hudson. He makes me a bargain that's almost impossible not to accept when I'm looking at homelessness, and giving up everything I've worked so hard to achieve. Do I dare trust a wealthy mystery man that I don't even know? Simon has secrets and hidden pain that inexplicably draws me to him, but once I'm caught up in his web, will he ever let me go?