The Boy I Grew Up With by Tijan

Guys. She did it. She killed me again. THIS BOOK WAS AMAZING! This came out a month ago, but I finally just got a post up here for it. I went a little too crazy on social media shoving it into everyone kindles.

This was a read that shook me. Heather and Channing have been building for me book after book and with Crew I KNEW that I needed this next and I am so glad that I got it!

Channing and Heather went through so much together. More than you have any idea about. Okay, that doesn't make sense, but it will if you read the book. Ya, feel me? You need this book. You need it absolutely if you love any of Tijan's other novels. This was a story about finding your heart and following it. What parts about yourself are you willing to bend, what morals, what beliefs, for what you love? What are you willing to give up. I meant it is what it came down to with these two. Who was willing to change and for what? What was going to force the action. This book overlaps with Crew and it was perfection. I can't wait to read what comes next, but honestly, this novel was amazing. It was everything I knew and hoped I would get.

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I have loved Channing Monroe all my life. In first grade, he asked for my Trapper Keeper. I hit him in the head with it. Third grade, we were best friends. We kissed in seventh grade. Eighth grade, he turned into a bad boy and the rest was a tumultuous storm. Growing up, the problem was never love for us. Bad times. Good times. There were times when I felt our love in every inch of my body, vibrating, making me feel like it could bring me back to life. The problem was us. The problem is that we’re living in two different worlds now. Fallen Crest and its millionaires for me. Roussou and their criminals for him. I was thriving in mine and he was running his. But… But there were nights I felt we couldn’t be further apart than we were, and there were nights I felt we shared the same heartbeat. When was it time? When was it time to either sacrifice, make a change, or walk away from the boy I grew up with?