The Boy Toy by Nicola Marsh

This was all in all a fun read. Not an our of the park read for me but I just didn't connect well with the characters. I give it a solis 3/4 stars. Which isn't solid at all. I think for the right reader this book is going to be the perfect match. 
It had great characters and a good plot line. I liked that the characters had both over come a lot in their lives and that you got to really know the secondary characters as well. IT had a lot of cultural play int he relationship development and you learned a lot as you read. You can tell the author did her research. 
A great multicultural romance that does have a good HEA. The characters had great chemistry and it was a fun read overall.
A woman ready to give up on love discovers that age is truly just a number in this heartwarming and steamy new romantic comedy by USA Today bestselling author Nicola Marsh.

For almost a decade, successful 37-year-old Samira Broderick has used her bustling LA practice as an excuse to avoid a trip home to Australia. She still resents her meddling Indian mother for arranging her marriage to a man who didn't stick around when the going got tough, but now with a new job Down Under, she's finally ready to reconnect with her. And while she's there, a hot international fling might be just what she needs to get out of her recent funk.

Aussie stuntman, Rory Radcliffe, has been hiding his stutter for years by avoiding speaking roles. When a job he can't refuse comes up as a reality show host, he knows he'll need some help for the audition: a dialect coach. But he finds himself at a loss for words when he discovers it's the same sexy woman with whom he just had a mind-blowing one-night stand...

Samira can think of many reasons why Rory is completely wrong for her: he's ten years her junior, for one, and he's not Indian--something Samira's mother would never approve of. Even if things were to get serious, there's no reason to tell her there?