The Break by Rene Folsom


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This novel made me so jealous that I am living in cold Colorado right now. After all the chaos of the first two novel, Liam and Macy deserve a break, and that is exactly what this novella gave them. This is a light and highly enjoyable read. Sometimes you just want to cuddle up and read about falling in love. In paradise. This novel is equal parts a legitimate break, and another way to get you back in the groove and ready for End Game. Rene dazzles with her descriptive and exquisite writing. You feel like you are the one on vacation. Maci and Liam are two or my favorite characters of Rene's. Their personalities jump right tout and you and you can't help but get hooked on their story. Jump back into this read. I know I loved getting the chance!


Deciding on a much-needed break, Liam and Maci head for the Maldives, a series of islands in the middle of the Indian Ocean known for their endless beaches and romantic settings. They make a pact to keep disconnected from the world while enjoying their time together, including days full of fun in the sun and nights packed with passion. Go on a trip with these two game-playing lovers as they spend two super-sexy weeks in paradise in The Break, an optional novella in the Playing Games series. Note: This contemporary romance companion novella in the Playing Games series can stand alone