The Cursed Series (1&2) by Rebecca Donovan

Guys. This duo, parts one and two of a 4 part series was ABSOLUTELY AMAZING. I could not put it down. This book is MASSIVE and I still had it in one sitting.

Gossip Girl meets Pretty Little Liars, this book was non stop Addiction. The characters and the plot itself drag you in and do not let you go. I fell in love with the group of students that we end up riding this book with. I swear I want each of them to have their own novel. They are all compelling in their own way and by the end of the read you will swear that you have known them forever. This novel is a wild ride with twists you couldn't even begin to predict. Can this series never end please? I’m thoroughly addicted. When it comes to curses, mine is addiction. I mean it. I am addicted to smiles, and book, and reading, and FALLING IN LOVE WITH CHARACTERS. Specifically, these characters. Could not put this book down. I still haven’t processed the ending and I’m ready for a reread! Pretty Little meets Dynasty. ALL THE TWISTS! And all the fun.

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“Trust no one. Everyone lies. You can only save yourself.” It was supposed to be a Friday night like any other for Lana and her best friends. Three girls out to cause a little trouble. Break a few hearts. And try not to get caught. Except on this night, Lana Peri is the sole witness to a horrific crime, and she can’t say a word. Not if she wants to protect her friends. No one will believe her word over his, so he gets away with it. And she’s forced to pay for her silence. Instead of serving time in juvie, Lana is sentenced to a boarding school for privileged teens. Removed from everyone she knows and cares about, she’s abandoned at Blackwood School in Vermont, where everything is an illusion, including the lives of those who attend the elite institution. Lana isn’t wealthy or privileged. The only thing she has in common with the sons and daughters of celebrities and politicians is that she’s a delinquent, just like them. And they’ve all been forced to grow up much too fast. Just when Lana begins to feel accepted, mysterious notes start showing up in her belongings and ominous threats are painted on her wall. Only someone she knows could have done it. Someone she thought was a friend. As the pieces fall into place, secrets begin to emerge, leaving Lana with too many questions and not enough people to trust. The Cursed Series is a thrilling and tangled mystery that explores the sacrifice of love and the secrets kept to protect friends. How do you know who to trust when no one is telling the truth?