The Dirty Princess by Jeana E. Mann

This book threw me through the ringer. I LOVE these two and I want these two to get their BS together and just Be Happy. Alas, I know they will and I just need to hold it together while they do.

This was one heck of a ride. Like in the emotional aspect and the actual craziness of it. This book would have tore another couple apart, but this duo, they are in it for the long haul. This duo has some of the worst communication. Things would be so much smoother if they just told the truth and stopped hiding things. But hey, that wouldn't make for as an exciting read and for real, I am in love with these two. Then the world felt like it turned against them in this book and I swear I yelled at the other characters sticking their noses as much as I yelled at these two. Okay. Diving into book three!!

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A personal assistant marries her exiled prince boss and learns that happily-ever-after only exists in fairy tales. When Roman Menshikov asks Rourke to marry him, she doesn’t think twice. Once the ring is on her finger, she finds out he’s not the man she thought he was. He’s darker and more dangerous than she suspected. His involvement in an international war might kill them both. With wealth and power comes great responsibility for Roman. He’s determined to save his country from ruin but will he sacrifice his new wife in the process? Passions ignite when the truth about Roman’s business comes to light. Lives will be lost, hearts will be broken, and a new kingdom is about to be built.