The Glass Spare by Lauren DeStefano

AH! THIS BOOK! This book was fantastic. I am a big fan of The Chemical Garden, and this series start was twice as good as those novels!

I have a fierce love for a strong heroine who fights for what she wants and this novel gave me that in spades. Though this heroine is pulled din many directions, she still makes every effort to do the best for everyone around her. She is a fighting soul that fights for what is right. I devoured this book in one sitting. I couldn't stand to turn away from it. I became addicted to Will and Loom. I became addicted to their story and their struggles. Two kingdoms and all of the chaos that comes with them. The battles within families and the hurt that comes with betrays and wishing siblings relationships. Lauren weaves a story of struggle and battle, she gives promises and potentials and I can't wait to see where she takes this story. It was left open with SO MUCH POSSIBILITY at the end of this book. I re-read the last chapter again just to make sure I didn't miss anything. All the little easter eggs through this leave you tingling.

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A banished princess. A deadly curse. A kingdom at war.

Wil Heidle, the only daughter of the king of the world’s wealthiest nation, has grown up in the shadows. Kept hidden from the world in order to serve as a spy for her father—whose obsession with building his empire is causing a war—Wil wants nothing more than to explore the world beyond her kingdom, if only her father would give her the chance.

Until one night Wil is attacked, and she discovers a dangerous secret. Her touch turns people into gemstone. At first Wil is horrified—but as she tests its limits, she’s drawn more and more to the strange and volatile ability. When it leads to tragedy, Wil is forced to face the destructive power within her and finally leave her home to seek the truth and a cure.

But finding the key to her redemption puts her in the path of a cursed prince who has his own ideas for what to do with her power.

With a world on the brink of war and a power of ultimate destruction, can Wil find a way to help the kingdom that’s turned its back on her, or will she betray her past and her family forever?