The Hero Society 1-4 + Winter by Jessica Florence

These won't seem to load in order for me, but I wanted to post about them anyway. If you are looking for a kick butt Adult Super hero read, here ya go.

Look no further, this series is it for you. Jessica takes what many have tried to do and delivers a series with a group of characters that become your family. Each story focuses on a different Hero/heroes and you fall in love with each and every one of them. All the stories intertwine and must be read in order. Each fi these reads is a one sitting read for me, it is one of those reads that I grab when I really just need to fall in love. The world can be a sad and scary place and this series offers change and hope. It also offers kick ass storylines that are as action packed as they are hot and heavy, if you get my gist. At the end of the day though, if you want a read to fall in love with then you need to go grab these. All 5 of them. PLUS, you also want to subscribe to Jessica's Newsletter! She is writing a new story that will be exclusive in that! I'm SO EXCITED! Here is a sneak Peek!
Solstice ( Hero Society #4.5)
The Solstice has crested. A time for heroes to reach the climax. Phillip Griffin has the gift of foresight. He sees all possible futures, and has learned how to navigate those delicate lines for the best possible life for all. Making him the most powerful man in the world. When he gambled the Hero Society with their very lives to achieve the best outcome, everything turned out victorious in the end. Until her. Mina is the one person in the universe that can keep Phillip on his toes. She fell for him once, but this time around things aren’t so easy. Both are playing a game that could end in disaster. Will they gamble too much to win? Or will the creator of the Hero Society finally have his queen by his side?

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