The Illusion Series 1-3 by D. Kelly

This series absolutely killed me. I couldn't stop reading it. It was a TERRIBLE week to read it because I was crazy emotional, but nonetheless, I did and I SOBBED reading it. Oka.y Let me break this down book-by-book because that is necessary to avoid spoilers, I wrote these AS I READ THEM so if I sound crazy, now you know why. If you read ahead, IT IS YOUR OWN FAULT AND I WARNED YOU. Book One. Okay, I am officially hooked on this series. I was excited from the minute I read ROCKSTAR in the blurbage, but that first chapter hooked me. Then I met the band and it was all downhill from here. I do have to say though, I am completely torn with this book. It isn't a love triangle in the sense you expect. Let me just say that. But it is everything I think it needs to be right now. But at the same time. I am completely content and also completely torn with where things are going. I am not going to be able to stop at this book. I need to dive right into the next one. I am in love with Noah and also cheering for Sawyer and I want everyone happy and no-one to get hurt and I know my heart int' ready for whatever is going to be thrown at it. But I can't wait to dive into it. Book Two. What. Just. Happened. I am absolutely not okay with this ending. I literally am wide awake in the wee hours of the morning and I am sobbing because my heart cannot take it. This book is completely a wrecking ball on your emotions. I KNEW something was coming. I could feel it in the air, but I was not prepared. This was a rollercoaster ride though. I was so over the moon for half of it and then it had its dips for sure. Hands down though, one of the best rock star reads I have ever read so far. I am just not ready for the next book. I am login to start it right now because I can't stop thinking of it, but I am not prepared. Book Three. I will star by saying that I literally sobbed with a box of tides and my comforter wrapped around me for this entire book. I stayed up ALL NIGHT reading it. This book was hard. It was so hard to read. It broke my heart over and over again. Literally I wasn't sure how I was going to make it through. I cried SO hard. This book was amazing. I loved every damn word of it. Every single one. Even the ones that made me cry and sob and just be angry at the world. But I finished and I won't give anything away, but it was everything I wanted it to be. I think.yeah, IT was everything. I loved it. UGH. Im going to get the extra books into is series now, BYE!

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Worlds collide … Amelia Greyson, author of The O Factor, has been thrust into the fast-paced life of the music industry as the author commissioned to write the story of Bastards and Dangerous, a famous rock band with sexy twin brothers at the helm. Unbeknownst to them, she’s been here before; it’s not her first rodeo. Two guys, one girl … Sawyer and Noah Weston, front men for BAD, have an awful habit of falling for the same girl. When Mel enters their lives, they are spellbound, both vying for her attention. Noah wears his heart on his sleeve, but Sawyer is a master at hiding his feelings—or so he thinks. All’s fair in love and war … Between Noah and Sawyer competing for Amelia’s affection, the stalker set on ruining her life, and turmoil affecting the group as a whole, Amelia is forced to make difficult decisions. Will she throw caution to the wind and give in to the magnetic pull Sawyer has on her, or will Amelia release the demons of her past and allow Noah to own her heart? This box set contains Just an Illusion—Side A and Just and Illusion—The B Side.