The Intern, Volume 2 (The Intern #2) by Brooke Cumberland

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Amy's Review:

UGH Brooke ... why do you do me like that???
The Intern volume 2 was fabulous! I was so excited to see this ARC appear on my screen and I dove right in to see what Bentley and Ceci had been up to after volume 1 ended.
Bentley Leighton, soon to be CEO of Leighton Enterprises is a straight up hottie. He is a total commitment phobe and we saw those tendencies in volume 1. Ceci, parading as a college intern is starting to win his heart, but she is hiding lots of secrets. Betrayal, scandal, lust, longing .. these are all feelings this book brought into my heart while reading. This is a sexy, fast paced, beautifully written book. The character development that started in volume 1 carried over seamlessly into volume 2.
Brooke is so skilled at giving just a peek of something and leaving the reader audience wondering, I love that about her books. Her books remind me of the slow drip of an IV. Giving me just enough to sustain me but leaving me wanting SO much more. I literally finished this book and wrote Brooke some hate mail begging her for more .. I am that desperate. But, it is the best kind of desperation available. The kind that will keep me up wondering where this story will end, and for that it's perfect!

Meg's Review:

Another ending that leave me wanting to KILL Brooke. Well, Kill her and Hug her at the same time. This girl can do Angst. She can do Hot. But best of all, she can do teasing. This series is built around leaving you gasping for more and it has accomplished that ten fold with both volumes thus far. In this volume we dive deeper into the story and it only gets more complicated and steamier. Bentley is starting to have his suspicions and Ceci, wells he is trying to keep her secret a secret. This series is like playing "just the tip" it teasers and but doesn't give you enough to satisfy you. It's pure torture and I wouldn't trade it for anything. The story grabs you and really pulls you further in. If you haven't read the first one, don't read this. It's not nice to cut the line and doing so here you won't have any idea whats going on.


My cock noticed her before I did.
She came out of nowhere.
Completely unexpected.

And I let her in…unwillingly.
But she gave me no choice.
She sledgehammered my thick walls, leaving me charmed by her knowledge, and seduced by her beauty.

I was captivated.

And now…it was about to tumble down in a tsunami of lies.
Uncertainty riveted my core as my anger spread…she was impossible to forget.
After all, she was still my intern.

Forbidden. Lust. Betrayal.

I felt all of those things for her at once. But only one would destroy us.