The Italian by Beverly Preston

Goodreads|Amazon This book was beautiful. As with a few of Beverly's previous works in this world, it had the emotional destruction followed by the beautiful healing. I cried and debated just giving up, but in the end it was a beautiful journey and it was worth it to see Hope's ending. Sometimes you start a book and you think you know where it is going to go. You know who is going to end up with who and the likely how. I SWORE I had it all figured out with this one. I did. I was wrong. and then maybe right. You'll see. When the curve ball got thrown, my whole idea of where the book was going crashed. I held my hope, but until about 40% in, it could have gone either way. Hope had such healing to do. So much to come to terms with and to figure out. Then throw Antonio into the mix and he had just as much to let come to the surface. I loved how he treated her during this journey. It was beautiful. I can't say enough good things. If you want a book that leaves you filled with Hope and love, then read this. It is a journey about being true to yourself and taking a chance. Overcome the hurt and grow from it.

The Synopsis:

No ties. No expectations. No risks. Antonio Giovanni, a fifth-generation winemaker in the rolling hills of Tuscany, is the epitome of temptation. Tall, dark, and handsome with an accent sexy enough to leave a trail of women’s panties in his wake. The man wears charisma like a fine silk suit…flawless and molded to perfection in all the right places, leaving just enough mystery to make you wonder what lies beneath the faultless exterior. Hope Tidwell, a world-renowned sommelier, is a strong independent woman who fights to have control over every aspect of her life. She makes her own money, her own decisions, her own happiness, and her own mistakes. Her existence doesn’t need to be validated by a man; she refuses to ask for anything except an orgasm, and even those she can manage on her own. Relationships for most people are as natural as breathing. However, Hope and Antonio are two players who master the art of seduction and the fear of emotional intimacy. When tragedy strikes close to her heart, Hope is fated to do the one thing that terrifies her most. Destiny reveals the biggest gifts often require the greatest sacrifices.