The Long Way Home by Jasinda Wilder

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Oh my. This novel gutted me. I thought that I would just spend a nice afternoon reading and relaxing and I ended up all teary eyed and using that I would have to wait to get answers. No authors quite bring the feels like Jasinda and Jack do. This novel follows a couples journey after their child dies. As a mother reading this, I broke. I cried far too much with this novel. I can't even imagine the pain, but this novel drops you right into that situation and it guts you. Ava and Christian have been through the thick of it and they are stuck, drowning. That leads Christian to do what he thinks is the best option, to leave. He goes to find himself. He goes to find himself, to do what he things he needs to so he can save his marriage. All the while, Ava is drowning even more. She has to find her way to the surface on her own. She has to find he will to keep going without her son and husband. This book was so much. It was a couple broken and trying to heal, but at the same time it was a couple who needed to find who they were again without each other. In the end it truly is a long way back home to each other. They needed to deal with their grief, and for Ava and Christian that wasn't with each other. I loved each word of this book. I savored each word and each time those words made me hold my chest because it hurt. I can't wait to read the next novel. This one ended with such force that I need the next book


I need you, Ava. I am desperate. For you. For touch. For a kiss. For the scrape of your hand down my stomach. For the slide of your lips across my hipbone. The sweep of your thigh against mine in the dulcet, drowning darkness. For the warm huff of your breath on my skin and the wet suck of your mouth around me and the building pressure of need reaching release...I am mad with need. Wild with it. I cannot have you. I have lost you, as I have lost myself. And so I go in search. Of myself, and thus the man who might return to you, and take you in his arms. I loathe each of the thousands of miles between us, but I cannot wish them away, for I hope at the end of my journey I shall find you. Or rather, find myself, and thus…you. Myself, and thus us. I am taking the long way home, Ava. *** Christian, I’m losing my mind, and I don’t know how to stop it. I shouldn’t be writing to you, but I am. I’m friendless, loveless, and lifeless. You’re out there somewhere, and still you’re all I really have. I hate my reliance and dependence on you, emotionally and otherwise, and that reliance is something I’m coming to recognize. I hate that I can’t hate you as much as I want to. I hate that I still love you so much. I hate that there’s no clear solution to our conundrum. Even if we could forgive each other, what then? I hate you, Christian. I really do. But most of all, I don’t. It’s complicated. Complicatedly (still) yours, Ava THE LONG WAY HOME is the story of a married couple, Christian and Ava, both writers, as they cope with the loss of their son and the damage that loss causes to their marriage. This moving story, alternately heartbreaking and heartwarming, is the first in a brand-new contemporary romance series by bestselling author Jasinda Wilder.