The Prelude by KaSonndra Leigh


5 Stars


A New Adult Contemporary Romance After finishing design school six months ago, Erin Angelo left her tragic past behind in the States and started a new life in Milan, Italy. Burying the grief, silencing her demons, and living a life without any real attachments has worked well for her so far. But when Erin secures her first real job as a budding clothing designer, her controlled world is shaken to its core by the mysteriously sexy director of the local symphony. Alek Dostov is a man who knows what he wants and how to get it. He’s successful, hot, the son of a millionaire, and women all over the world flock to see one of his performances. For Alek, Erin represents the ultimate challenge: sexy, smart, and unaffected by his charms…or so she thinks. Just like Erin, Alek avoids attachments that leave him emotionally vulnerable. But unlike Erin, his pursuit of all things pleasurable is ruthless. Knowing how wary they both are concerning any kind of committed relationship, Alek finds a way to pursue Erin, satisfying the intense attraction between them without sacrificing the freedom they both enjoy. Sometimes the deepest passion brings out the darkest emotions. And Erin finds herself completely unprepared for the forbidden world of the young maestro and his truths and even his secrets, as she struggles to deal with her own. Music, passion, betrayal and forbidden love spun together in one of the most romantic cities in the world. This novel contains sexual situations and mature language. It is intended for an audience at 17+ years of age.

My Review

"Prelude is the part of a song that pulls you in, hypnotizing you with beauty. The beginning of a song hooks people inside its spell and never lets the person go until the last note trickles through their mind."
I couldn't get enough of this book or its world. I was drawn in from the first page. I suppose that suits the title and the meaning behind it. You know from that very first moment, and with this book you know. This book is a perfect example of why KaSonndra Leigh needs to be added to your must watch list. This book not only promises you a life altering story, but it delivers ten fold in my opinion. This is a story about moving forward. Its a story about taking what has happened in one's past and facing it to better the future. All our characters have secrets and they are all being haunted by them, some unknowingly. Where else in the world (besides my NY) is best for this? Italy. Romance, lief, and history are in the air here, and our characters are dealing with these things in exes. Music, Fashion, Romance, and Heartbreak are our goals and the cast? Erin Angelo and Alek Dostov. Erin was living the dream life. Until it all crashed down before her eyes. Her family was stolen from her in a freak car accident and life is never the same. Her dreams, her wishes were torn right form under her in that very moment. We find her five years later living in Italy as a budding designer getting ready to create her first commissioned line for a well known Maestro. Enter our Alek. He is definitely Not who Erin expects when it is revealed to her who he is, and he wants her. Despite her best antics she will be his in time. Alek is, well, what isn't he. Not only is he a talented Maestro, but he is a drop dead gorgeous Russian with every talent imaginable to boot. He takes HOT to a new level in his advances to get Erin to give in to her desires and I may just warn you on the hot level because some of these scenes broke the scale. But those secrets I warned you about? They all eventually come to light, and its a page turner to see who will be standing at the end. These secrets leave everyone battling their demons, and it was a very emotional thing to read. Another reviews called this book "Captivating, riveting, suspenseful, dramatic, romantic, lustful, intoxicating, passionate, utterly sinful and deliciously delectable." and she hit the nail on the head. This book is all that and more. It pulls you all witch ways, and I found myself in a puddle at some parts. It really broke your heart. Its definitely one of those books that you wont soon be forgetting. Get it, Read it, Review it. <3

Exclusive Teaser

I’m walking in a daze.
I think I’m going to pass out. Whoa! What just happened out there? The most gorgeous, successful, beautifully arrogant man ever just kissed my hand. My best friend, Selene is going to hate me for being so lucky. I can’t wait to tell her.
“Alright, chill out, Cinderella.” I walk through my door and let all the pretense, aka Miss Control USA, go flying out the window. I hop right up in the middle of my living room floor and start doing my hot damn dance.
So, yeah, Alek’s statement about the prelude freaked me out for a second. The word reminded me of something Jada used to say. His line was just the tiniest bit corny, too. But I meant what I said when I told him I thought his words were cute. He can say anything with that accent and get away with it.
I glance at my watch. 10p.m. It’s too early to call Selene. She works as a bartender in Florence. Sometimes her nights don’t end until around 2am.
I sniff the contract Alek gave me. His scent still lingers on the paper, reminding me of the day I first experienced the scent of his cologne. That was the day I fell on my butt, and he offered me his jacket to cover my body. He’s a true gentleman. Well, maybe a little.
So what if the gesture came after I had bolted for the door because he was looking me up and down at first. I feel myself forgiving his neglect to inform me of his true identity. He’s yet to explain himself. I consider agreeing to meet him for dinner just so he can tell me why he led me to believe he was an assistant.
I shower and throw on my Betty Boop sleeping shirt, a pair of booties, and then try to bring my racing thoughts back under control. Heading to my bedroom, I lie down on the bed and pull out a romance novel Selene let me borrow.
She thinks I’m destined to become either a nun or a homicidal maniac. Her reasoning being that no normal person goes without sex as long as I have done. Selene’s boyfriend and my old design lab partner from school, Christopher, even chimed in to help drill the thought into me one day when the two of them visited. I study the book in my hands.
This just doesn’t seem right. Erin Angelo is pulling out a romance novel and actually considering reading it. Now I know something’s wrong with me.