The Prince I Love To Hate by Iris Morland

Sometimes I want a swoon worthy romance, this book? PERFECTION. It fit the bill and had all my royal obsessions all tied into one. IT was a fun read that you instantly feel like is a movie you are watching on the Hallmark channel. It had the perfect dose of sexy and a wonderful group of characters. I Loved the Prince and this was such  fun turn of events to follow along with. Definitely a perfect ROm-Com blend.

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This prince?
He's anything but charming.

I’ve never been the girl who’s dreamt of a prince rescuing me from a fire-breathing dragon before whisking me away to his castle.

So when I fly all the way to Ireland to find my long-lost dad, I have no intention of playing the damsel in distress to some dude.

But the night I encounter—and accidentally wallop upside the head—Prince Olivier of Salasia, my plans are completely upended.

This prince is the opposite of charming, though. After thirty seconds in his presence, I want to feed him to a dragon.

But fate is a fickle b*tch. Before I know it, I agree to team up with Olivier in the search for my dad.

As I travel across Europe with this actual honest-to-god prince, I wonder, what’s the worst that could happen?

It’s not like I’ll be stupid enough to fall in love with Prince Charming.