The Reaper Academy: Semester One by Jasmine Walt and Emily Goodwin

I did not see this book coming. It absolutely grabbed me by the heart and didn't let go. I fell for these characters HARD and this book as no stop from the absolutely start to that thrilling end. One of the best academy reads I have read this year.

Okay. But for real, if you love academy reads in the slightest, you will love this read. Addison was a woman who held her own. She was strong willed and her own person. I loved that she stuck to who she was and didn't let her new life changes, change her. The story line for this book as epic. This is not a story I have read any semblance of before and I loved that. Reapers? Yes please, lets do it. You fall in love with not only our protagonists in this story, but with the entire cast. I mean, It is an academy read, which mean ALL the characters to fall for. There are twists and turn you don't see coming and this book sets the stage perfectly for at least a few more. I loved reading this duo and I cannot wait to read more. I hope this series is 10 books long.

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Hey there. I'm Addison Blake. Orphan, college student, and amateur ghost whisperer. Or at least I was until I was killed by the soul-eating demon trying to devour my best friend. Okay, technically the demon didn't kill me. I killed it. But apparently no good deed goes unpunished, because the next thing I knew, I was enrolled at Reaper Academy, a school that trains reapers on how to ferry souls to the afterlife and vanquish the demons who try to eat them. Being that the academy is in the afterlife, I had to leave my body behind. Hence the dead part. But it was either that or be devoured by demons myself, so really, what choice did I have? As someone who already has experience interacting with ghosts, I figured the academy would be a breeze. The guys are hot, the classes are badass, and I'm starting to feel like I belong. But something sinister walks the halls of Reaper Academy, an evil spirit with a taste for reapers. Students are starting to go missing, and unless my new friends and I can figure out who's behind it, we might very well be next... If you like sassy heroines standing up to mean girls, ghostly sidekicks with a sense of humor, enemies-to-lovers slow burn romance, and coming of age books, you'll LOVE Reaper Academy. Scroll up and grab your copy today! PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT a reverse harem series.