The Sins of Saint Series by Bella J

This review is for book three fo the series but I read all three at one go so if I backtrack some, forgive me. I LOVED this dark and twisted mafia read. A series filled with Revenge and hidden agendas, you never see the twists coming.
Each book in this trilogy had a BAM ending. I was left on my toes with excitement for the next read. Mila and Saint were dark and sultry and Yes. I love a twisted read and this series delivered. Dark romance done right is an ART and Bella J rocks it. The author hooks you on the characters and then slowly stitches this dark world around you until you are dying to take part. I wasn't sure I would love this series as much as I did, the start had me on edge, but after that first chapter I was excited and hooked to see where it went Just enough twists Mohave you in love with every charter you meet until some huge twists at the end that have you yelling at your kindle.
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Mila Secret. Captive. Wife. I had my role to play in this war. He made that clear from the start. No matter what happened between us, his hunger for revenge kept raging. Not even an act of God could change that. But his walls are crumbling, his defenses crippled. He says I’m his weakness, the pawn that will force him into checkmate. He says I changed everything, and now he wants to bargain with my freedom. Problem is…I no longer want it. Saint Liar. Devil. Husband. It started out with a well-thought-out plan—an orphan heir, a wife, and a bulletproof plot for revenge. Everything was lined up perfectly, and all I had to do was knock down one more wall then sit back and witness my father’s entire empire fall. But fate intervened and took my finger off the trigger. Now I’m able to see more than just the sharp, bloody edges of vengeance. I see her. The woman who changed everything. My wife. She ran from me once, and I found her. A mistake I won’t make again.