The Society by K.A. Linde

Guys, have you ever just read a story and been absolutely head over heels for the characters and the world? That is how I am with KA Linde and this series. The entire world.

She crafts this world that you can't turn away from. You are not only compelled with the plot and the story, but with each and every character. I needed to know what was going to happen to each of them. The good and bad, I became compelled with each of them. I needed to know who was going to what and WHAT WAS COMING NEXT! This novel was invigorating and absolutely full to the brim with fantastical magic and a story that you can't turn away from. Now I feel like I need to re-read this series. Again. And fall in love with it page after page again. Then I need to beg for more because I don't want to leave this world.

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The fourth book in the fantasy Ascension series that NYT bestselling author Susan Dennard called "perfect for fans of Sarah J Maas." War is on the horizon. All while a new power grows strong, threatening the very balance of good and evil. Desperate to save her homeland, Cyrene goes in search of the dragons that may be the key to ending this battle—and heal her dying friend. Can Cyrene master her magic to save the world?