The Subway Girl by Lisa Becker

I really enjoyed this read. It was a solid 4 star romance that I spent a rainy day reading. Lisa is a favorite of mine. I love her words and her characters.
This was a light swoon filled romance that I couldn't pout down. I need a non chaotic read and this book delivered with a story full of fun characters. Angie and Ryan were fantastic. Watching their relationship develop was an entertaining ride to say the least. They are funny and fun and the secondary characters elevate this relationship to another level. This story pulled at your heart and leaves you warm and fuzzy. I loved watching these two characters that had been previously burned, heal from that and find love with each other.
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"You don't find love, it finds you. It's got a little bit to do with destiny, fate and what's written in the stars." Anais Nin A hopeless romantic. A cynical web show producer. An unscrupulous cameraman. A sleazy businessman. An aspiring actress. A womanizing best friend. A scheming ex-girlfriend. A commitment-phobic roommate. An unlucky-in-love buddy. These lives intersect when an average guy is awed by a gorgeous mystery woman on a New York subway and vows to meet her.