The Wager by Rene Folsom


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

This novella is the prequel story to Game Changer, the first novel in the Playing Games series. I read this following my read of Game Changer, but I would recommend reading it before. I feel like that way you have one leg up on the characters and that is always fun. This novella follows a New Year's Eve party in which our two main character have a chance encounter that you don't want to miss. This novella really embodies the title of the series, "Playing Games". Once Maci and Liam meet at the masquerade party, the games begin. A wager is placed and the game is on. Both characters want to win, but in the end what they want might not be far off from what the other does. I know that is confusing, but I don't want to give anything away! *Grumbles* This is a nice quick and enjoyable read. The characters are fun and the writing is exquisite. Novellas are a creature of their own. Depending on the author they an either be enjoyable, or a flop. This is one of the cases of the enjoyable breed. I couldn't put it down, and by the end I was waiting in anticipation yet again for the second novel in this GREAT series!


You’d think the masks would come off once the ball drops at the New Year’s masquerade but, tossing caution to the wind, Liam and Maci decide to have a bit of fun by continuing to keep their faces hidden from each other during a night full of games and passion. Get to know these two game-playing lovers before they even know each other in The Wager, a prequel to the new novel in the Playing Games series, Game Changer. Note: This contemporary romance novella is an optional read in the Playing Games series and contains adult situations meant for ages 18+.