The War King by Jeana W. Mann

So. Completely. Worth It. I loved this series and this book? This book was everything.

Roman and Rourke had a wild ride. I honestly Was shipping them SO much and when this book took over my day I was completely okay with the fact that I was going to absolutely need to binge read it. SO much happened in such a short time in this book and it was perfection. I loved reading this dup get the ending Iw as hoping for and I swear so much happened that I didn't see coming, that I was completely not prepared. 5 Huge stars. I am in love with this author.

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I married the man of my dreams and landed in a nightmare of secret agencies, military coups, and assassins. To keep him, I’ll need to accept who he is. To reign at his side, I must become stronger. There’s no turning back once his ring is on my finger. I won’t let him go. Hearts are broken, lives are lost, and a new kingdom is about to begin. The War King is the final book in the The Exiled Prince Trilogy. The Exiled Prince Trilogy * The Exiled Prince * The Dirty Princess * The War King