The Wicked Series by Piper Lawson

Sometimes I love that I find a series later and get to binge it. This is one of those. I saw the cover and it grabbed me. The words inside sealed the deal.

I read this over 2 days and I loved every single part of it. I read it as one long book so I can't really give you a book by book play of it, but I can tell you that it is complete. I can also tell you that this book had some killer time jumps that made me Rage filled. I wanted to just scream at the character and tell them to get their heads back on straight because they were wasting life! This was the ultimate rockstar read. This is an HEA but these guys have to work for it. That last book was hands down my favorite though. So much happened that it completely made the torture of some of the stuff in the first two, worth it once I got to it. I can't wait to read more from this author. She kept my attention through each of the reads in this series and I have zero complaints.

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I wanted to fall for a man. Instead, I fell for a legend... Jax and Haley’s addictive, emotional rockstar romance trilogy is in ONE PLACE for the first time! Books 1 and 2 contain cliffhangers that build to book 3’s explosive, unmissable HEA. Immerse yourself in more than 500 pages of smoldering tension and enthralling romance that promise to leave you “dazed and a little crazed.” Good Girl (Wicked #1): I wanted to fall for a man. Instead, I fell for a legend... The month I wrote my first piece of code, Jax Jamieson launched his third platinum album. The week I drank my first beer, he spent in jail. The day I got under his skin, I wound up on his tour. And the night he gave me his hoodie… I fell in love forever. Bad Girl (Wicked #2): Rockstars don't chase college students. But Jax Jamieson’s never followed the rules. I thought I knew Jax's secrets. I was wrong. When the fans go home and the lights fade to black, it's just me and him and the people we left behind. I want to escape, until I realize...We can do a lot in the dark. Wicked Girl (Wicked #3): He was a legend, until he walked away. I was nobody, until I was dragged into the light. I was never supposed to be part of Wicked, but it was always part of me. Now it's my turn to do something that matters. Even if the man I love hates me for it. Jax and Haley’s all-consuming, smoldering, emotional, slow burn love story has sold more than 100,000 copies and “takes rock star romance to a whole new level.” Binge read the complete WICKED trilogy now! Reviews: “Holy crap. Piper Lawson takes the rock star trope to a whole new level.” -Dawn “One word to describe this series: HOOKED.” -Danielle, Short and Sassy Hot damn, this series is amazing. Funny, sweet, raw, emotional and freaking hot!” -Debbie “So sweet and completely real.” -Tamanna “I’m an emotional wreck.” “Oh my goodness this was brilliant. Cannot wait for the finale! Need. It. Now.” -Anna “An all consuming love story that is sure to leave you a little dazed and crazed.” -Catherine “A sweet, slow burn story.” -Peggy “Good Girl is all repressed sexual tension and “what could be's” but Bad Girl was smoldering and explosive… I am like a crazed fan waiting in line all night.” -Catherine “If you love rock star romances...reading this series is a must!!” -KaraLee “There aren't enough words to describe this series, I could try with: amazing, romantic, emotional, enthralling. All I know is that I couldn't stop reading.” -Helen “This is binge reading at its finest.” -Always Write