Thrive by Aly Martinez

This was a very addicting read, even if the characters drove me crazy. I went back and fourth with them, and even though I ending up happy at the end, I still wasn't a fan of either of them for a good chunk of the book. BUT, I love Aly Martinez and her style of writing so with that in mind I still really enjoyed the book. Still a solid 4 star read that I did read in one sitting. Lark and Mira were a hot mess in the start of this and I have to say that even though they both got their lives together I wasn't sure how things were going to bring them back together. Throw in that other part of the love triangle that started it all and things begin to make a little more sense. The secondary characters in this book were EVERYTHING. I felt like they really made it for me. Plus, that crazy plot was great too. This can be read as a standalone (I did), but I intend to go back and read book one, I think it will lend more to the series and the book. Read on people. This is another one for you protection loving alpha chasers.

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Technically, you aren’t supposed to fall in love with your best friend’s girl. But if we’re talking technicalities, he wasn’t supposed to be cheating on her every other weekend, either. The day I met Mira York, I knew she was off-limits. But after months of stealing side-glances while he ruined the most beautiful woman I’d ever seen, I realized there wasn’t a rule in the world I wouldn’t break to make her mine. She chose him anyway. I wasn’t sure how I’d ever move on, but bitterness turned into fuel for my fire. Without Mira, I thrived. Until seventeen years later, when she showed back up, begging for protection from the very same man she’d left me for all those years earlier. Now, it was my turn to choose. And she wasn’t going to like my answer. THRIVE takes place seventeen years AFTER a love triangle.