Throne Of Lies by Tara Leigh

okay. I am officially hooked. I cannot wait to read the next novel! This was a perfect tease and introduction to the series. I adore that we got so much in and in such a short read. I fell in love and was broken. This is currently free until 10/15 in preparation for the release of the first novel and it is worth your time to grab it. Tripp and Jolie were characters you won't forget and the situation we dive into grabs you from the start, this serves as your warning. Add To Goodreads Buy On Amazon:


I was called a prodigal son. A scion of Midas. I believed it. Why wouldn’t I? Everything my father touched turned to gold. The proof was all around me. Luxury cars. Elite schools. A billion-dollar business. Even my girlfriend, a Park Avenue Princess. I reigned from a throne of lies. My fall from grace . . . wasn’t graceful at all. The Prequel to Legacy of Lies