Thy Kingdom Come by Rene Folsom

GUYS. Rene did it again. This book was a whole new ball game for her. I have been on an RH kick and GOODNESS ME. This one was H-O-T with the plot to support it.
I find that some RH stories in the PNR genre lack in a great plot. This one knocks that stereotype out of the park. I was hooked from the first paragraph and once I got going with reading I absolutely got nothing else done for the day. This is a Vampire read like you have never seen before. Rene takes all the ways you THINK this story is going to go and she throw curve ball after curve ball. I spent half the book deciding what characters I liked and the other half hoping that this book was going the way I REALLY wanted it to go. The last 20% of this book almost combusted my phone while I was reading. Throw some whopper of twists into the mix and you end this book begging for the nest one. I cannot wait to see where it goes.
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It’s official. I am the world’s worst stripper. From the orphanage to the stage, I’ve always been the black sheep. People avoid me like the plague… Until I meet Semion—the only purebred vampire in the Relic area of New York State. He is also the only man who has ever intrigued me and brings me back from the overwhelming darkness that is my life. So when I am introduced to others of his kind, I’m taken by surprise just how many of them speak to my soul. But regardless of how much I finally fit in, I am still damaged. I still require the blood it takes to lead. It’s not until I am presented to the purest of vampires that my path to destiny is set in stone. Abandoned at birth and rescued as a stripper, I find myself forced into a position of worth—a reign I will make true on, or die trying.