Tied by Piper Malone


4 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I really enjoyed this novel. It was a nice change of pace for my recent reading. It has been a while since I enjoyed a good romantic erotica. I find that this genre is one that has to be done really well for me to enjoy. Piper managed this with a story that piqued my interest from the start. I will admit I was interested in this novel the minute I saw the cover in my event party. I was lucky enough to win a copy of the book to review. I really enjoyed Reagan as a character. She was intriguing and adult enough that she didn't drive me crazy like many heroines do. She was newly divorced and just the type of heroine the story needed. Interest sparked by a book leads her into the BDSM works. From there things get interesting. Caleb. I really enjoyed him as well. He was rough around the edges and had his own demons in the past. Add in the twists that come with his life and I definitely wanted to see where it was going. A story about finding trusts and opening oneself up to the different idea of love, this story hooked me. It was well written and very well developed. The supporting characters int his novel are just as great as our lads. They are witty and really make you fall in love with them that much more. Mild BDSM makes this much more of a love story than an erotic. It was thoroughly enjoyable. I read it so fast I didn't even think to highlight my favorite parts.


The heartbreak of my past has begun to heal. After the death of my parents and a divorce, I struggled in the darkness. Craving a new life, I shed the inhibitions that have sequestered my deepest desires. I seek an awakening. The path leads me to Reign and into the hands of BDSM club owner Caleb Dunn. Despite his reluctance, Caleb agrees to mentor me, quickly becoming a fixture in my life. He is a beacon illuminating my way.... We fight to keep our relationship within the walls of Reign, but the boundaries blur. The passionate moments weaving through our lives are undermined by his stoicism. But despite the wounds created by the ebb and flow of his devotion, I open myself to Caleb, allowing him to push the limits of my body and my mind... ...as I reach for the light. Can I give him my heart and soul? Will I ever receive the same from him in return? Our future is uncertain, but one fact remains true…to Caleb, I will be forever tied.