Torrid Throne by Julie Johnson

Y'all I am ready to scream over this ending. Why can't I have the next book already!

Okay y'all Dirty Halo as Fantastic and Torrid Throne was LORDY! I can't stop obsessing over it. This had a few twists I didn't see coming and honestly it was like a binge worthy TV show drama that I couldn't turn away from. Julie weaves a crew that you fall in love with. I literally laughed out loud while reading this and yelled at the book as well. I love when books evoke actual emotions, and Julie manages that over and over.

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"The Princess Diaries meets Game of Thrones in this epic, engrossing royal romance..." Two months ago, Emilia Lancaster was a regular girl with a regular life. Now, through a cruel twist of fate, she finds herself living in a castle with a crown on her head, the sole heir to the Germanian throne. Between the charity balls, press events, and royal obligations, Emilia’s days are suddenly full of unfamiliar responsibilities. And with a series of new suitors vying for her attention — not to mention Carter Thorne, the one man she can never have, sleeping one suite away — her nights aren’t much simpler to navigate. One thing is certain: Emilia’s heart is in undeniable danger. But as enemies of the crown circle ever-closer… her life may be in jeopardy as well… ♛ TORRID THRONE is a royal romance about an ordinary girl who inherits an extraordinary legacy. Filled with forbidden love, murderous plots, and machiavellian intrigue, it is recommended for mature readers only. It is the second book in the FORBIDDEN ROYALS TRILOGY.