The Power Of Love by Ada Marie



I read a beta version of some of the chapters of this book quite a while ago. I was hooked by the writing and definitely intrigued on where it was going to go. This author shows so much potential in her writing that when the book got published I had to read it. I wanted to know where the story was going and to see where the authors took the plot. This was definitely an intense read. I really enjoyed the characters in this book. I am always a fan of love triangles and this one hit my sweet spot. Allison is the type of heroine that I really enjoy. She was strong-willed, but when a scene had immense emotional I felt like she always reacted in a relatable way. Not a characters that is too strong, and not one that bends to others wills. When life changed abruptly for her she broke. Years later Allison has pulled her life together and is finally following one of her dreams. Ian was much the same for me, though I am not as much of a fan of his. I felt like in the 7 years that Ian and Allison were separated that he didn't grow a whole lot. His characters still embodied that young and naïve persona one has as a teenager. I feel like even though Ian has grown to own his own company and amass a large amount of money, he still reacts to situations as a child would. He runs, he hides, he doesn't ask for help. This did bother me some, with all his resources I wanted him to use some of them to fix the problem he has bene running from for almost a decade. But, that is the thing about books, you can't tell the character what to do anymore than you can tell a person in real life. Different people react to things different ways. The supporting characters were great in this book. Well developed just to the point that you loved them, but not to the point of being too important in the read. I hope to get more of them in the second novel. The plot was semi-predictable, but still in a way that you could enjoy it and the characters. The novel was an easy read and didn't have a lot of small details you had to try to remember during its progression. The ending was satisfying. I liked where the last 2-3 chapters brought us and enjoyed things finally coming to a head. The CF at the end was a twist on something I saw coming, but I am interested to see where the author takes it. All in all a good read!


Ian Anderson is an irresistible multimillionaire CEO of the Independence artist firm, IA Independence. He has everything a man could want and more. He has women constantly throwing themselves at him, he makes more money in a week than most people make in a lifetime. But what does being rich mean if you live each day unhappy? At the age of nineteen, Ian lost his family in a horrible tragic accident. Not knowing where to turn, or what his next step was Ian fled his town, without thinking twice about it. More importantly though, he left behind the one person who meant the most. Allison was the only girl who’d ever captured Ian’s heart. They grew up together, best friends, turned into soul mates. Allison was Ian’s heart, his everything, the love of his life even. After all this time Ian can’t seem to rid his thoughts of Allison, in his mind, she was the one that got away. And even now he’s still very much in love with her. The hardest decision Ian ever made was the decision to walk away from her. But what if the only reason you left the person you loved was so that you could protect them? Now, Seven years later, Ian comes face to face with Allison. Finding it hard to stay away from her, Ian finds himself falling into old habits. Allison gets under his skin like no one else, but when questions of the past come up will Ian tell Allison the truth or will he flee like he did seven years ago? When Ian and Allison run into each other again, will Ian be able to make things right with the woman he’s always loved, or did he lose his chance? Will love that was once so strong resurface and give him everything he hoped for through all these years? Will they have a chance to start over or will the past be too painful for them to overcome?