Trails Of Love by Melissa Foster

I received this book for review and took forever to get to it. However I am so thankful that I fairly got to read it. I have only read sporadic reads in this series and was just fine with that.

Morgyn and Graham were exactly what each other needed. The fire, fun and the crazy, it was perfect. The one thing that I know I can rely on for with Melissa is that he always has the perfect balance of conflict and romance in it. This one was perfect. This story had all the angst and all of the passion that I needed. I really enjoy when characters also have obstacles personally to overcome. Growth is as important in real likes it in in stories and I love when books like this make it relatable.



Fall in love with Graham Braden and Morgyn Montgomery in TRAILS OF LOVE. When Graham Braden travels to Oak Falls, Virginia to attend the wedding of his buddy Reed Cross to Grace Montgomery, he sticks around to help with renovations to Reed’s new theater. The last thing he expects is to be asked to assess and possibly invest in Grace’s sister Morgan’s business endeavor. Graham is a careful, keen businessman, and Morgyn is impulsive, disorganized, and more interested in the energy flow in her eclectic retail shop than in the accuracy of her records. While Graham isn’t ready to open his pockets to the sassy, sexy business owner, he may be ready to open his heart. The Bradens & Montgomerys are part of Melissa's Love in Bloom big-family romance collection. All Love in Bloom novels are written to stand alone and may also be enjoyed as part of the larger series, so dive right into this fun, sexy romance. THE BRADENS & MONTGOMERYS (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls). Order of future books is subject to change. Embracing Her Heart Anything For Love Trails of Love Our Wicked Hearts Searching for Love Wild Crazy Hearts Summer of Love Hot For Love Sweet Sexy Hearts Winter of Love Claiming Her Heart **Please note that future books in the original Montgomery series are crossing over to the Bradens at Pleasant Hill, and for this reason I have combined the series into THE BRADENS & MONTGOMERYS (Pleasant Hill - Oak Falls).