Tread by Brandace and Justin Morrow


5 stars|Amazon|Goodreads

I REALLY enjoyed this novel! I have read Brandace's other work and was intrigued to read a novel co-written with her husband. This thrilling and action packed MC romance did not disappoint! One of those little mini themes in books that I love are timid heroines who are thrown face first into a crazy life. That is exactly what you get with this novel. You get Grace. She is a church born girl who knows only the right way to do things, they complete opposite of this club. The thing about Grace though, is that she has the drive and guts to learn and adapt. I really enjoyed her as a character once I got to know her. In the beginning I kept waiting for the ball to drop, for something to just irk me about her, but she truly is just now of those characters that you adore and are rooting for. Then we have Tread. Yum on wheels. Once this bad boy gets grace in his sights, things just get hotter as the pages turn. You watch how both of them adapt to each other and their relationship unfolds. It was a truly wild ride. The plot was very strong in this novel. You get a LOT of the plot as the relationship between the characters develops. It played out more real life then it did a lot of novels on the market these days. It read as if this could really be happening. Grace didn't just IMMEDIATELY fall into step with this life, and just because Grace stepped into his world, Tread's duties and the MC life didn't take a pause. It was a refreshing take on the current scene of romance novels. I really enjoyed it and will likely read the rest of the series as a result. All in all, jump into it if you love a hot romance that has a really strong plot and not too much of the gushy stuff. A great blend.


GRACE For me, growing up did not imply independence. My whole life has been paved before me like a well-traveled road. My twenty-first birthday signaled the end of my father’s rule, and the beginning of my husband’s—where I am expected to churn out infinite children with a smile. As I stare at the oversized Temple doors, weighed down by more than yards of heavy, white lace, I do what I have never done before. I make a decision for myself. I decide to run. TREAD Being in a motorcycle club is in my DNA, as is the military requirement to join. I served, I fought, and I survived the crucible of grueling training and intense combat. I returned to my club with newfound respect for right, wrong, and the shades of gray that connect them. By day, I work at Ronin Auto, pulling things apart, fixing the problem, and putting them back together. Grace and her nonfunctioning, little sedan prove to be a hiccup in a well-oiled machine. Because by night, I smuggle soft felons into Mexico. With things heating up at the border, and a missing MC family member, the last thing I need is an innocent to worry about. But something about Grace makes me want to take apart all of her pieces to figure out how someone so beautiful has never even been kissed. Against my better judgment, I strike a bargain with the little, blue-eyed beauty, and it changes everything I thought I knew. About women. About the club. About the man I’ve become. (