Trust by Rene Folsom


5 Stars|Amazon|Goodreads

Another fantastic read from Rene! I can always count on her novels to take me away for a little while. Easy reads that are both wonderfully written and attention keeping. This story is a new take on Beauty and the Beast. It was highly enjoyable from he first page! I loved the switch up of the characters. It gave it enough of a change to really grab me and a story line all about finding true love. That is always a plus. I am a big fan of finding love type of reads and this one was exactly that. It was a story about looking beneath the surface and letting love in. I don't want to say too much about the read since it is a quick one, if you are a fan of retellings with a twist, grab this up. Beau and Karoline are both strong and highly likable characters in the end. Lessons needed to be learned and the characters did have to grow, but in the end this was all about the love.


Beau Shapiro has spent his whole life being called gorgeous, handsome, sexy… every word imaginable to describe his outer appearance. But despite his popularity, he never once lets it all go to his head. He’s holding out for that one girl that has it all—beauty and personality. While out searching for his father, Beau meets Karoline—a woman cursed to be a beast. Striking a deal with her to save his father’s life, Beau is taken to Karoline’s home deep in the mountainous woods to live with her. During his stay, he finds that there’s beauty within the beast, and slowly, for the first time in his life, falls in love. Delve into the story of Beau and Karoline, a modern day retelling of the classic tale Beauty and the Beast. Warning: This supernatural romance novella contains adult situations and is meant for ages 18+.