Twisted Bonds by Brandy L. Rivers


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Another novel from Brandy that I couldn't put down! I was so captivated being back in Faerie for this book. The details of brandy's writing truly transport you to this realm that you wont want to leave. Throw in some more dragons and a few epic fights and it was a wild ride.

Isa took names and kicked behind in this book. She was holding back nothing when it came to protecting those she loved most. On the flip side, she is still one of the calmest characters when it comes to rushing into fights. I feel like she keep a completely level head and always has everyones best interest in mind.

Torryn and Isa are FINALLY getting married.

Cue the tears.

I feel like these two went through it all to get to this point and sadly their fight is far from over. With Saressa back in the picture things are bound to get dirty and fast.

I loved seeing the emotion between the characters in this book. With so many revelations and battles the feelings were bound to be close behind. Brandy gave us a story with potential and transformed it into a book that could start a brand new spinoff series. Other of Faerie. I'm calling it now. I need more and I can't wait!


Everyone’s fate is twisted in unseen bonds... Isadora Starling is ready to say I do to Toryn Flame. Her parents are finally tying the knot in a double ceremony. This is the first time she’ll be introduced to the fae as the princess of the air and fire realms. Lines are blurred. Friends and enemies are tied together in surprising ways. The truth becomes murky as more details are uncovered. Danger lurks around every corner as new alliances are formed. When those she trusts go missing, Isa will have to shore up her courage and dig deep to find the answers before her happily ever after is demolished.