Unbidden by Melissa Haag


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Favorite Quote: "We won't change on our own. But maybe you can change us."

I swear, it is impossible for Melissa to write anything that I don't absolutely love. Unbidden is one that I didn't even know I needed I know that doesn't make much sense. Let me explain. I LOVE this series. I have been on my toes waiting for answers, and this novel answered ones I didn't know I had. Charlene and Thomas's story is one of struggles. This novel is filled with both of them learning and discovering who they are and what they mean to each other. Like most of the girls' Charlene just didn't fit in her life. With little to no choice, she sets out into the world for the safety of those around her. She found salvation in the form of an abandon group of homes. Little did she know the moment she set foot in that area her life would change forever. She was about to become very familiar with the lives of werewolves. I can't even imagine being in her place. She is wandering around the woods trying to find somewhere to stay the night and in less than a moment her life is irrevocably changed. She is the start of the cycle, you know her story wasn't going to be an easy one. Thomas was one of those characters that form the very start I was rooting for. You have to keep in mind in this novel the characters are young. Charlene only 15. They are forced to be so much older then their age. Responsibilities that should fall on an adult, fall to them. Thomas is the loyalty to Charlene strength. He knows what his heart wants and wont stop fighting. unbidden I wont go into any detail, I don't want to ruin this book for you. If you have been reading the series then you don't want to miss this one. It opens your eyes to things you had no idea about. We find out a lot of the secrets the past was hiding from us. Charlene and Thomas have easily becoming my favorite couple. Maybe. Melissa doesn't make it easy to play favorites. I will say that i desperately need more. Now. Unbidden sated me, but I need more answers and I need them fast. Get writing Melissa!!


I left home because I didn’t want to end up in a cage like a lab rat. Hitching rides, begging for cash, and sleeping on the ground got old fast. That was the only reason I braved an overgrown path to a group of buildings. I’d hoped to find a bed and a decent night’s sleep. However, what I found was a place overrun by werewolves. While on the run, Charlene finds herself surrounded by werewolves, creatures she can’t control with her mind like she can humans. Their existence has her believing she’s found a safe place to stay, a place where secrets are okay. However, she soon discovers she’s anything but safe. Charlene must learn how to use her abilities to influence the strange new species because if she can’t, the next bite she suffers might just kill her. Read how the cycle begins, and have no doubt. Charlene’s past will shape the future of the Judgements.