Under Northern Lights by Sonya Loveday

It is here. We are FINALLY getting Eli's story and oh my, did it hurt my heart. This entire series has built up to this ending and I was on my toes for every page of it. After being put through everything they have, this team deserves happy and if that happy is stopping more bad guys, than so be it. For me, I wanted that happy to be everyone safe and with the ones they love. I am a HUGE fan of this water and series and I was ready to ride this ride until the end. And here it is. Gosh, Eli and Nova's story was heart breaking and full of so much struggle and hurt, and then on the same hand it had so much happy and healing. With each page that passed I fell deeper into the story and more in love with these characters. The team is back together and they are going to kick some butt. Jump and and ride the final ride with The Six, you don't want to miss it. Add to Goodreads Buy On Amazon: http://amzn.to/2AZaNlV


In the coastal city of Nome, under the northern lights, sets exactly the right location for a government-funded secret sector of Cole Enterprise. But that’s not all Alaska has to offer. Amongst the natives is an unsuspecting woman who has been hand selected to join the undercover operation. After his abrupt departure from Haiti, Eli Bennet never thought he’d see Nova again. The idea of recruiting her as a team medic excited him. There’s only one minor problem… he has no idea how to approach her. Nova McCarty knew taking care of her grandmother wouldn’t be easy. Noni’s memory has fizzled to the point where it’s no longer safe for her to live alone. Bumping into Eli was the last thing Nova expected after returning home. But there he was as if she’d pulled him out of her dreams, offering a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Can Nova figure out how to have what she wants without sacrificing a part of herself to get it? Furthermore, will Eli turn his back on the Six in order to stand by Nova when she needs him the most?