Unsteady by Melissa Collins

Amazon: http://amzn.to/2pbjMwm


Melissa knock me down with this book. I haven't read the previous in this series, but it is not necessary as this is a standalone. This book was a one sitting read and I couldn't put it down. Compelling and enticing in the sense that I HAD to find their happy ending with them.

When is came to Jude and Micah I went around the world with my emotions about them. Half the time I was yelling at my kindle and the other half I was slanting giving myself a hug.

These men were angsty, stubborn, and most importantly meant for each other. Melissa took hard topics like PTSD and exquisitely gave them justice with her exquisite writing. She gave us a man who is trying to survive. A man who needed to face truths. She gave her characters flaws and then gave them what they needed. The emotional impact of this book as wonderful. I loved reading it and will have to grab the other two in the series!


Micah Hudson and Jude MacMillian were both lonely teenagers. One the new kid and one the target of relentless bullying, they quickly became friends. But when friendship grew into more, the relationship was too much for either to handle. As their tenuous bond was tested, everything tumbled down, leaving them lonely once again. A decade later, Micah is on the brink of losing his will to live. Beyond exhausted from lying to everyone, including himself, Micah thinks of the one person who knows his deepest secret. Desperate and alone, Micah makes the only decision he feels he has: he must leave. But his need for closure depends on one thing. Can Jude make room in his Unsteady life for Micah once again?