Used by Kate Dunbar

Sometimes you read a book and it is just EPIC. Life changing. Sometimes you read a book and it consumes you, you get lost in the world that this novel crafts and you can't turn away. Sometimes you read a book and for reasons you can put your finger on, you need for others to read the book as well. The book does something to you that you can't quite put into words. Not all books affect people the same, we all know that, and this book might not be anything other than a read you spend an afternoon enjoying. A suspense filled romance with character that are the greatest. A book with writing that really keeps your attention and secondary characters just absolutely fall for. For some of us though, this book was healing. We fell in love reading it and got terrified when things got scary. This isn't an overly emotional book, heck it isn't an overly mushy or heart wrenching, it's a book about facing a fear and prevailing. This novel is a story about a girl who is going to do all she can to live her life. A girl who despite her own protests, deserves to love and be loved in the most perfect way. She deserves her night and by goodness I fell in love with him too. I spent half this book falling in love and the other half hoping I was as good a Sherlock at reading as I hoped I was because If I was going to be killed by what was coming, I wanted to prepare myself. From the very first chapter I loved Sabra. She was fresh and sassy, and everything I love in a character that reminded me of myself. Then we had the rest of the story. My heart broke and I cried reading this, I wont lie, but in the end, I was THAT GIRL. The one throwing my fist into the air and screaming YES, because I got the validation I wanted and it was Sweet. Thank you for sharing your story Kate. I wont allow you to not give us more. Add is on Goodreads:


At the age of seventeen, after a decade of lies, hurt and severe abuse by her brother Lucas, Sabra Valentine is able to breathe. Lucas is behind bars thanks in large part to Sabra’s quick thinking and self-preservation—even if that’s one more secret she has to keep. Now, seven years later, life is moving forward, and Sabra is starting to heal, live and love again with her friends and Trevor Collins by her side. He’s tall, dark and sexy, and he doesn’t fall for Sabra’s games. The future is finally looking bright—until one phone call shatters everything. Used is a romantic suspense revolving around sibling abuse, overcoming the demons that linger, and defeating the past that can often come back to haunt you.