Void by Raven Kennedy and Coralee June

Where had this novel been and why didn't anyone throw it in my face and force me to read this AS SOON AS IT CAME OUT! Okay. This is a RH that literally you wont be able to stop reading once you start.

I need to go and read every other book this dup had written because I inhaled this one.

This is one of those reads not only is so steamy your page catch fire, but it has the plot to now with it. This novel had it all. It had the bully romance and the RH, and it also had a character and story driven plot. Usually you trade of with RH novels for one or the other but this duo managed to incorporate both aspects of a book and weave this story that teaching you self worth and empowerment. I loved every page of it. This is a TOP shelf read for anyone who likes PNR or RH. I love that is was a standalone but I cannot wait for the next book hat I heard is coming!

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I was born of nothing. I’m a Void, a rare supernatural capable of absorbing powers at the brush of my skin. Feared. Hated. Untouchable. Thibault Academy is full of supernaturals that want me dead, and the most powerful of them, the Paragons, will stop at nothing to ensure I go back to the hell I came from. They’re cruel, heartless, and have created an unlikely alliance to take me down. If I want to learn how to control the nothingness, I’ll have to survive them. I was born of the void, but I’ll die from the power. This is a reverse harem bully romance.