Watch What Burns by Kirsty-Anne Still


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Meg's Review:

This book was twice as good as its predecessor. It took me by surprise at every turn and had me hooked onto this world yet again. The way that Kirsty grabs you with emotion from these characters is something that never gets old. I could read this book over and over and still not have enough. I knew that we weren't don't with Natasha. She was so full of hate that i just knew she would be back to haunt this happy life Tyler and Austin had made. They deserve so much after the fight they went through to be together. So much. But alas fate needs to throw a little more at them before they can filly take the breath they have been holding. This book is action after action. Unlike with the first book this is a constant rush for you to read. I had no idea what was coming chapter to chapter. Its was fantastic to curl up with and just get lost. I was on edge waiting to see what was going to happen. I really thought I was going to have to yell at Kirsty. I was quote scared a some points in the book and if scenes had gone another way I think I would have to demand a rewrite. It was that good. I was so invested that I couldn't bear to allow what I thought was going to happen. I definitely recommend this book to anyone. It's a HEA that you have to fight for. A novel that keeps attention and is gripping till the last page.


“It just seems like when everything starts to run smoothly, she causes the bumps to appear. I don’t want to have to worry every day, Tyler. There is no room for that woman in our life anymore.” Austin Pearson found everything the day she walked back into the small town of Point Arena. She found forgiveness, love and the life she had grown up to believe she was destined for with Tyler. Even with scars that remind her of the past, Austin is empowered and forthright. No longer afraid to hide her feelings, or ignore what she knows is right. She trusts in her husband’s love and her family and nothing can change that. When Natasha Truman begins to strike up an appearance in their lives again, still evidently living with a grudge and the belief that Tyler will love her again, Austin finds her entire life under threat. Even behind bars, Natasha is unstoppable at her attempts to make Austin doubt her life, her love and her future with the man she belongs with. What Natasha doesn’t realise is the girl she victimised years ago, no longer exists. What happens when Natasha takes her plan to the next level, and finds that Austin is now a force that should not be reckoned with? What about when Tyler proves how little he cares for Natasha in order to protect his family? After all, a lot can change in three years.