Where the Truth Lives by Mia Sheridan

My goodness Mia. It has taken me DAYS to get my review into words on this book. DAYS. I still an unsure about how I felt other then floored. This book floored me. It was complicated and twisted and everything I needed it to be.
With this book we are fats forwarded to the future. Our young boy is now a man and he has become everything his mother had hoped for him. He is the guy who hunts the bad guys and protects women like her. Then, something far too similar to his past comes to light and things get more complicated from there on. It was a wild ride. I spent literally half the book confused as to what I was feeling and the other half trying to solve this serial killer's story. Guys, you have no idea what this book has in store for you. If you thought the first book was wild, then you have absolutely zero idea what Mia has in store for you this time. I love seeing this side of Mia. I love that she dove head first into the thriller suspense side of romance and it was breathtaking. This book ties up every question you didn't know you had from book one and delivers perfection.
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When the director of a local mental health hospital is found murdered and mutilated, Homicide Detective Reed Davies is first on scene. What was done to the body is gruesome. Inexplicable. But Reed is dealt another curveball when he finds that the doctor who discovered the victim is someone Reed is intimately familiar with—a woman with whom he shared one passionate night weeks before. Dr. Elizabeth Nolan is somehow tangled up in the crime, and even while Reed must now question her possible involvement, he can’t help being drawn to the beautiful, enigmatic woman. As more bodies appear and the devious killer terrorizes Cincinnati, a shocking connection begins to emerge, one that not only involves Dr. Nolan, but Reed himself. A connection more twisted and elaborate than he can imagine. Now Reed must hunt the monster down, a killer who will stop at nothing to see his diabolical plan to its final, deadly conclusion. The follow-up to Where the Blame Lies Where the Truth Lives is a gripping, page-turning, romantic thriller that will leave you gasping for breath.