Wireless Studio Headphones CHANGED MY LIFE Y'ALL.

Okay, I know that sounds ridiculous, but I have never owned wireless headphones and WHY HAVE I NEVER OWNED WIRELESS HEADPHONES. FIRST of all, they make working out SO MUCH EASIER! SECOND of all I got to mow the lawn and I didn't almost choke myself with a cord. I feel like those two reasons ALONE warrant a 5 star review guys. But the actual headphones are fantastic material. They are super sturdy but not heavy on my head, which is a plus for me because I get migraines. They are also very sleek. I like that they aren' crazy bulky. ALSO, the sound quality is LEGIT guys. I am an APPLE girl. Literally all my electronics are Apple. But the sound on these is a million times better and I feel the like dark side didn't lie and they have cookies. Lastly though, they are a fantastic company to work with and when they emailed me to offer these for review they worked with me on which headphones would be best suited for me and let me have final say in which product I reviewed. You all know me. I don't say I like something if I don't like it. Why lie? Life is too short. The price on these is VERY comparable to other wireless headphones on the market and like I said, they are fantastic quality IMO. I plan to get Toby a pair, he runs and I think he would love these. So Yes, I totally recommend these, and even though I got them for free, I swear this is honest. All in all, I say go buy these STAT. Use my Personal code: 15% off: novelgrounds I got these for free to review, but this is totally my own opinion. @sudio #sudio #sudiomoments